Forest School

Forest School (within Newborough CE Primary School) is an exciting

branch of outdoor learning that gives children an opportunity to

develop self-esteem and self-confidence whilst learning within a

natural environment. This supports our school aims:


  • To provide a high quality teaching and learning environment in a caring, safe and secure atmosphere. The school promotes equality of opportunity and aims to develop the pupils’ awareness of moral, cultural, social and spiritual issues according to our Christian ethos.


  • To develop and strengthen the abilities of all individuals to enable them to realise their full potential, develop a high self-esteem, and promote acceptable standards of behaviour making them responsible and valuable members of society.

This is achieved by running forest school sessions which involve ‘small   achievable tasks’. This will create an environment of success where children can thrive; using their personal learning styles to complete outdoor tasks and activities

Pupil Voice

“You get to have the experience of exploring and trying new things. I love  getting muddy!”

“It shows us how to use our imagination and how creative we can be with all of the things around us.”

“I like how you if you’re having a stressful time, forest school can be relaxing.”







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