Science at Newborough

We, at Newborough C of E Primary School believe that the teaching of science develops in children an interest and curiosity about the world in which they live, and fosters in them a respect for the environment.



Through our teaching of science we aim to:

·         Equip children to use themselves as starting points for learning about science, and to build on their enthusiasm and natural sense of wonder about the world.

·         Develop through practical work the skills of observation, prediction, investigation, interpretation, communication, questioning and hypothesising, and increased use of precise measurement skills and ICT.

·         Encourage and enable pupils to offer their own suggestions; to be creative in their approach to science, and to gain enjoyment from their scientific work.

·         Enable children to develop their skills of co-operation through working with others, and to encourage where possible, ways for children to explore science in forms that are relevant and meaningful to them.


Pupil quotes:

“Science is important because it helps people understand about the world.”


“Science is great because you find out things you don’t know. If I put things together they might do things. It doesn’t matter if you get messy.”


“I loved Science week. We met a mad scientist!”



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