Competition Winners

A lot of children sent their stories to Vivian French after her visit earlier in the year. She read and judged these stories and was very impressed by stories that she received.

She chose stories by, Sarah Peart, Olivia Neil, Sophia Andrews, Ethan Edwards, Lucy Haire and Mitchell Staff as prize winners. They were all able to choose a Vivian French book as their prize. Well done to them all.

We hope you enjoy reading their stories.



The First Day at Scouts
Sarah Peart
Winy Soke woke up at 6:00 as perky as a goose.
“Dear go back to sleep” said Winy’s mum, Laura.
“But it is my first day at scouts, I do want to impress them” said Winy persuasively. “Fine” Laura groaned.
Finally they arrived at Newborough School for scouts; they were a bit too early but never mind Winy thought. Caroline was the teacher, they had seen her before. “I’ll go in with her” he said.
“Ok everyone!” Caroline screamed, Winy was sitting up straight now, “now get in to pairs” said Caroline. Winy went with Tom Carrot. They had to make a promise to each other. “I promise to treat you with respect and help you when you’re down” Winy politely said; while Tom said “I will gladly bully you until you leave.” From then on Tom was not all the caring person. The next Sunday Winy didn’t want to go but he did, that week he found a friend, Snowy Penguin. They played and helped each other and made the big promise. They met up every morning Winy told Snowy why Tom was bullying him.
“He’s bullying me because I have a funny name and I’m short and all the teachers like me” Winy told Snowy. “I have got it!” We will get back at Tom Carrot and he’ll realise what he is doing.” whispered Snowy. Next Saturday Winy met up with Snowy but she had more friends. They explained the plan and set off.
“We are here” Snowy called “now set sup we have 10 minutes” it took 5 minutes to get the banner and balloons ready, then it took 5 minutes to get the food ready. Finally Tom came, they played football and picked their teams and not one person wanted Tom. Then he went to the big car to play with everyone else, as soon as he came to the big car everyone went out. After Tom was so upset that he went to Winy and said, “what is this?”
“Welllllll” replied Winy,
“You were bullying us because we are different and you wouldn’t stop so we set this party to give you a taste of your own medicine” said Winy, “ok I’m sorry” said Tom tearfully.
They all go along after this.
Arnie Triumphs
Sophia Andrews (Year 4)
Arnie was worried. It was his first day at a new school. He was hoping he would have a good time. But no. He met a huge boy named Boris who, at Arnie’s first sight, looked like a huge man. Boris bullied Arnie right from the start. He teased Arnie because of his name, because he was small and he (to Boris) was the right sort of person to bully. Arnie just hated being bullied. To stop it, he tried asking his parents if he could leave his school. They said no. He tried keeping away from Boris. Boris just went up to Arnie and, before Arnie could run away, bullied him. It went on and on. Then, one day, Arnie noticed a poster which said: TENNIS TOURNAMENT and, underneath, was a list of volunteers who had signed up. Then Arnie saw at the bottom of the list (in wonky handwriting) was Boris’s name. “Tee, hee,” thought Arnie, “I can get my own back by writing my neam down and, because I’m brilliant at tennis, I’ll win.” So Arnie wrote his name down. Arnie was brilliant, fantastic and super at tennis. He won every game or tournament he played in. At the tournament … can you guess who won? Yes, Arnie. He came home with a big, huge trophy. The next day, at break, Boris stomped, as angry as a mother who found out you ad put toenail clippings in her bed, and was about to punch Arnie when suddenly, a teacher saw the scene going on and ran up to them and shouted to Boris, “What do you think you’re doing?” “I was … um … er.. well” stammered Boris. “I know you were up to no good at all,” said the teacher, sternly. Later that day, Boris went up to Arnie (who was playing with his new best friend, Billy) and said “I’m sorry. I should have never bullied you in the first place. Do you forgive me?” Arnie interpreted quietly with Billy and then said “I do forgive you, Boris. Friends?” “Friends.” And so, they were friends.


Oopsy For School
Olivia Neil (year 4)
“I don’t want to go to this silly old school” said Arnie Thorney to his mother who was now tucking Arnie in. “Don’t use that tone with me, Arnie Thorney! And yes you are going to that school whether you like it or not!” said Jezabell Eve (Arnie’s mother) burning up like fire with angriness. Jezabell just about managed to drag Arnie to his new school. But just as Arnie was walking to his new classroom, a boy popped up right in front of hime. “Hi, my name is … Sorry, I can’t tell you you’ll laugh at me. Ok, ok it is Arnie Thorney. Boo.” Arnie looked shocked. “M m my naem’s Arnie Thorney” Arnie stuttered. “All my friends call me Boo” said Boo. “RUN” shouted Arnie. “Taz Croiland! What do you think you’re doing?” It was one of the hall monitors. Taz froze suddenly and shut his eyes with desperate hope. “Detention?” asked Taz hoping it was a “no.” “You bet! Oh Hi, I’m Anilla Thorn and by the way if that person bothers you, you tell em, and he’ll be in detention for so long, his kids will be out before him!” “Ok, bye.” But there was 1 thing they had forgotten. “Class!!” But thankfully, this teacher was not strict. “Oh, Hi, Why don’t you two just pop to your seat, OK?” said Mr Munchy Soke. “Aaaaaargh!!


The Big Game
Ethan Edwards (Year 5)
It was Squirmy’s first day at school he got in to his school uniform and set off. At the bus stop he sat down on the bench and waited for the bus. Meanwhile the bus came down Sparta Close. Finally the bus arrived he got on the bus. “Hello” said Squirmy. “Go away” “What’s your name?” said Longbottom. “Squirmy.” The bus stopped at school. Longbottom pushed Squirmy off the bus. “Hey” said Squirmy. “Ha ha” said Longbottom they went through the school gates. “I’ll get you after school” said Squirmy. “I’d like to see you try” said Longbottom. After school Longbottom was waiting for him at the school gates. “Bring it on” said Longbottom. “Gulp” said Sqirmy. Longbottom punched and kicked him. Longbottom walked away as if nothing happened. Squirmy staggered away. The next day in P.E. it was rugby. The class got ready they ran to the playing field they started the game, 20 minutes went it was the last 30 seconds. Squirmy jumped and ran over the line and scored the last try. “Congratulation. Friends?” “Friends.”


The Dragon Stealer
Mitchell Staff
One day in a mystical kingdom there was an evil wizard. He wished to steal a fire-breathing dragon from a zombie queen, but he needed a sword to slay her.
He travelled to Dynamite Cave, where the floors were damp and eerie. But he was surrounded by Ninjas, suddenly he parachuted into the circle of dynamite where in the middle was the sword.
He grabbed the sword and ran out of the back of the cave. Then he jumped on his snarkly golden eagle and swooped away. Soon he pointed the sword at the queen’s guards. Suddenly the sword fired deep cold Caribbean Ocean lightning, he stormed into the room, it was painted with beautiful patterns. Suddenly the queen flew through the broken walls and off the cliff face. He jumped onto the dragon which fired a big fire ball. It looked like a volcano flying at the castle, it blew it up. The dragon flew into the distance and looked like a dot.
Boris and Arnie
Lucy Haire
Once there was a boy named Arnie Thorny. It was his first day of school and he was getting very stressed and angry. His mum drove him there ,
“don’t worry Arnie you will be fine” said mum. When they got there the school looked ginormous and terrifying.
“Gulp” said Arnie , but they were greeted by a nice lady . Suddenly Arnie herd a sneer coming from behind the lady’s back.
“I’m Miss Swanberg and this is Boris” said Miss Swanberg. Arnie Thorny walked down the big gloomy dark corridors looking carefully for a class room called 4A. Finally he got there and was seated in a seat next to Boris and in front of Miss Swanberg . That was when he realised what Boris was like .Boris didn’t put his hand up for anything and if anything went wrong Boris laughed.
“play time” said Miss Swanberg in her little sweet voice. Arnie looked at Boris, he was running and stamping ,everyone else was walking nicely .Just then another little boy came along “don’t worry” he said
“everyone is scared of Boris” “what’s your…” they froze . Boris was right in front of them
“gulp !” gulped the boys
“give me your lunch money!” shouted Boris
“RUN!” shouted the boy and he ran off like a bullet, with Arnie following.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh” screamed Arnie, they darted round the playground corner to corner over and over and over again. Finally the bell rang and they ran inside and sat down.
“today we are going to do a school project” said Miss Swanberg, straight away Arnie Thorny put his hand up .
“Arnie” said Miss Swanberg
“what are we going to make in are project?” he said
“I was just going to tell you” said Miss Swanberg .They had to make a dinosaur out of cardboard boxes. Arnie got a little egg box because it had a zigzag on it and Arnie thought that it would be good for some sharp teeth plus he used a box from cereal for a body and toothpaste boxes for arms, legs, spikes and a tail .He finally drew on the eyes and he was done .
“time is now up” said Miss Swanberg as she marched from one side of the classroom to the other and then she said it, the real word’s “the winner is … ARNIE!!!” said Miss Swanberg. Arnie was so so so so excited until he looked at Boris! He was more furious than Arnie had “ here you go!” she said, and gave Arnie a little basket filled with nice goodies.
“thank you” said Arnie ,and trotted of to put it by his bag
“you will pay for this” said a voice from behind him it was Boris! Arnie darted out of the cloakroom as if he was being chased by a tiger finally he got to the class room and jumped in to his seat
“lunch time ,Timmy show Arnie what to do please” said Miss Swanberg, so Arnie followed Timmy and went to sit next to him
“hey you’re the boy that said don’t be scared of Boris” said Arnie “that’s me” said Timmy nicely just then something made Timmy and Arnie jump but it was just Boris stamping but the boys carried on eating there food. Next a nice little funny dinner lady came along “now it is time for you to pack up your lunches and leave the hall” she said quietly so Arnie and Timmy packed up there lunches and left with a load of other people and Boris was next to him!
Arnie looked over his shoulder and Timmy was gone but then he saw him in front of himself so he jogged slowly next to him.Arnie and Tim finally got to the classroom “now we will do a test” said miss swanberg so Arnie sat in his place and rote down his spellings the one he most remembered was comic. miss swan berg came
over “you have only done 1 word and its COMIC!” she said detention “oh” said Arnie sadly.
but it was the end of school so Arnie walked down the dark coridors to find his mum. Arnie finally got there and his mum said “oh darling I herd about Boris”
“yes so…” Arnie said
“well I OH” his mum suddenly thought of a great idea to make Boris like him “A PARTY!” said his mum loudly
“that’s a great idea” said Arnie so he ran down to the big play ground to ask Borises mum and you know what she said?, she said YES. Arnie’s mum drove really zooming fast home to organise every thing finally they herd
“DINGDONG” the bell rang the big orange door flung open there was Boris and straight away he walked in so Arnie followed him the first thing he did was put the music on and they dances most off the time Arnie was surprised because he didn’t know Boris could dance and he was quite good then they had tea.
“ding dong” the door bell rang once again
“your mum” said Arnie Boris ran to the door with Arnie it was his mum so he went
“see you Bor” shouted Arnie but it was time for bed so Arnie climbed the stairs and brushed his teeth and went to bed. The next day Arnie got up really early and went to school on that big drive to meet Boris at the gates
“hi mate” said Boris that’s when Arnie realised that Boris was his friend!