Day Trip to France

Mrs Davis, with three members of staff and two parents took a group of children from year 5/6 to France for the day. The coach left school at 5.55 am and returned about 11 pm.

During the day, the group saw Boulougne, visited a chocolate factory and had fun finding their way around a maze.

It was a long, tiring day, but everyone throughly enjoyed the day. This was the first time that a group of children had been taken to France, but will hopefully be followed by many more.

To see photographs taken by the children, go to the Gallery.

This is what some of the children thought about the trip:-

Ellie L (Y6) wrote an acrostic poem.

France, it was an amazing time.

Ready to set off at quarter to five in the morning.

After we left school we were very tired so some of us slept.

Next, we were on the Eurotunnel and could see fish in the window.

Can I just say thanks to the teachers for taking us.

Everybody was very, very tired.

The France trip was great. It was a long journey but is was definitely worth it. It was nice and warm and the bus drivers were really kind and funny. The chocolate factory was amazing and the chocolate was really nice. We learnt a lot of French on the trip, I know I did anyway. Overall it was a really great trip and I would definitely go again. By Natasha (Yr 6)

My favourite part of the trip was the chocolate factory. (I would recommend going there again.) You get free chocolate! At the end we went to a place called Flunch. They cook their steak rare (that's really nice). Hopefully you can go. By Helen C. H. (Y6)

When I went to Bolougne, it was fantastic. The bus drivers were very entertaining and good. The chocolate factory was fab as well and we got to buy some chocolate. It was a very enjoyable trip and I'd love to go there again. By Hannah M. (Y6)

I loved the trip to Bolougne. Although the coach trip was long we all had a great time. In Bolougne there was a giant pyramid where we had lunch. Nearly everyone got a beret from the gift shop. I wish we had spent more time in Bolougne but we had to leave for the chocolate factory. There, they showed us how they made chocolate. Our trip was great and I wish I could go again. By Edward H. (Y6)

We went on a posh bus and met Nana and Andy (the drivers) who were so funny. While we were in France we went on a hunt to find some signs. We didn't get to find them all buy it was still fun. We were allowed to buy chocolate at the chocolate factory and we watched it being made. We all had loads of fun and I will never forget it. Thank you teachers for taking us. By Louisa H.

Everyone was excited. We left school at 5.45 am. The drivers were called Nana and Andy. We watched three movies on the bus. We went into buddys and groups. I was in Mrs Davis's group with Emma M, Abi, Emily, Ed and Jack R. After our lunch we played in the maze. Then we went to the shop. We went to the chocolate factory. The lady was kind and let us in to see how they make the chocolate. There were lots of pieces of chocolate in different shapes - a big cathedral, a santa claus, a rabbit and a train. The man told us that the chocolate makers paint the front inside the mould with different colours. We were allowed to buy chocolate. We all got a 9 euro voucher to spend on our dinner at Flunch, before we went home. We got back to school at 10.30 pm. All of us were feeling very exhausted, but happy. By Hannah C. (Yr6)


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