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Curriculum Information

Life in all its Fullness’ - Living, Loving, Learning Together

(John 10:10)

It is our intention to enable each child to reach their full potential, both spiritually and intellectually, within a loving, safe and nurturing environment where they are central to all that we do.

We Aim to:

  •  Provide a holistic, meaningful and engaging curriculum which inspires a love of learning.
  • Promote equality of opportunity and develop our children’s awareness of others and moral, cultural, social and spiritual issues.
  • Develop and strengthen the abilities of all individuals, to encourage a high self-esteem, and promote high standards of behaviour making them responsible and valuable members of society.
  • Include and involve all members of the school and the wider community of Newborough and the surrounding area in a common enterprise to benefit from the past, learn in our present and strive for our future. 

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which excites, engages and motivates our children. The core subject Science and foundation subjects – Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography and History are connected by themes and mapped into half termly Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs).

Curriculum Organisation

Each year group will be taught six Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs) over the course of the academic year. New projects will begin with a memorable experience to hook the children into their new learning. During this ‘engage’ stage, questions will be used to elicit the children’s prior knowledge, ideas and interests.

The next stage of the project is the ‘develop’ stage, where the children explore themes, subjects and concepts in greater depth in order to develop a deeper understanding. 

Finally, in the ‘express’ stage, the children reflect upon their learning, explain their learning in different ways and identify next steps.

Where appropriate, links will be made between the Imaginative Learning Projects and our English curriculum. Meaningful writing experiences, linked to project work, will be planned and focus texts for English lessons will be matched to project themes. Some mathematical work will also be linked to the project themes.

Reception Topic Overview:

Autumn People Who Help Us Why Do Squirrels Hide Their Nuts?
Spring What Happens When I Fall Asleep? Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots?
Summer Do Cows Drink Milk? Will You Read Me A Story?

Year 1 Topic Overview:

Autumn Superheroes Moon Zoom
Spring Dinosaur Planet Bright Lights, Big City
Summer Paws, Claws and Whiskers The Enchanted Woodland

Year 2 Topic Overview:

Autumn Land Ahoy Towers, Tunnels and Turrets
Spring Muck, Mess and Mixtures Wiggle and Crawl
Summer Beat Band Boogie Beachcombers

Year 3 Topic Overview:

Autumn Scrumdiddyumptious Tribal Tales
Spring Gods and Mortals Tremors
Summer Predators Heroes and Villians

Year 4 Topic Overview:

Autumn Potions 1066
Spring Traders and Raiders Misty Mountain
Summer Road Trip USA Blue Abyss

Year 5 Topic Overview:

Autumn Off With Her Head! Stargazers
Spring Scream Machine Beast Creator
Summer Alchemy Island Pharaohs

Year 6 Topic Overview:

Autumn A Child's War Revolution
Spring Blood Heart Hola Mexico
Summer Darwin's Delights Gallery Rebels

Curriculum Enrichment

Trips and visitors are arranged to promote the children’s learning through first hand experiences. These support the school’s curriculum and can be in the form of extended visits (residential) and day trips. School will try and provide as much notice as possible to allow parents to budget for these costs.

After school / lunchtime clubs are organised on a termly basis. These clubs enable children to pursue their interests out of school hours. The variety of clubs is very much dependent upon the voluntary efforts and interests of the staff employed at the school. We warmly welcome parents/grandparents/carers who might be able to help support with the running of a club.

A range of peripatetic music specialists provide tuition during the school day. Further information about the range of instruments taught at Newborough and the cost of this provision is available from the school office.