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Humanities Curriculum Summer 2021

Curriculum Rationale

At present, we are beginning a transition of our humanities curriculum offer. Working closely with Opening Worlds/Haringey Education Partnership, we will be adopting their ‘Opening Worlds’ humanities curriculum beginning in Summer 2021 for Year 3. This programme will then roll out each year, becoming fully implemented in 2024 from Years 2 to 6. More details can be found in our curriculum implementation section.

Curriculum Intent

We seek to impart the highest possible quality of education for all pupils. Our main drivers behind our Opening Worlds curriculum offer are: scope, rigour, coherence and sequencing.

We will provide a curriculum which is ambitious in its scope; meeting and exceeding the demands of the National Curriculum in cultural, geographical and historical breadth. This will ensure that our pupils gain (over the four years), an in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of important concepts (such as empires, oppression, power struggles, migration and cultural experiences) by revisiting them through their learning within different geographical and historical contexts. This will lay solid foundations for the children’s understanding of both British history and Britain today.

Meticulous in rigour, our curriculum will provide children with scholarship that is up-to-date and responsive to any changes in research, information and study that takes place in our modern society. This will help our children to make decisions about what is certain, what is conjecture and what is unknown about the world in which we live and its history.

Our curriculum offer will be coherent so that intricate links are made within and across subjects. Finally, our units of learning and lessons will be carefully sequenced to give pupils the ability to make comparisons and critical judgements about what they have learned and link this to current events.