Music Lessons


My name is Jonathan Paul and I am an experienced music teacher based in Peterborough currently covering a number of primary schools. I am looking at trying to increase my pupil numbers at Newborough primary school and this term I shall be offering short trial/taster lessons to any interested pupils, with a view to any new lessons starting after Easter. Music is a very rewarding part of a child’s development at primary school age, and I take great pride in offering this to as many children as possible.
I also take any interested pupils through their grades/exams, offer the chance to get them involved in performances, and take them through many popular songs as well as giving them a chance to write their own music.
· Piano or Keyboard – Current Year 1-5
· Trumpet – Current Year 3-5
· Trombone – Current Year 4 & 5
· Prices start from £40 a term for a group lesson to individual lessons which start from £70 per term (this is based on a 15minute lesson, longer and more expensive lessons are available)
Each term every child will receive 10 lessons, so 30 during the school year.
What to do
If your child is interested in a short trial lesson/demo then these will take place on Monday afternoons until Easter.
Please let me know full name, current year group, and instrument. My e-mail address is
There is no charge for this. If the child wants to enrol then a signed application form (the school office will have these) needs to be in along with payment for the summer term by the end of this
current spring term.
Jonathan Paul