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Our History


Education for the children of Newborough and Borough Fen began over 150 years ago. The earliest mention is of two 'Endowed' schools built at Borough Fen along Willow Drove in around 1840, one for boys and one for girls. One school could accommodate up to 120 pupils, the other 50.


By 1854 numbers were dropping as pupils moved to the new 'National' school on Crown Road (now School Road) in Newborough village. The exact date of origin of this school is uncertain. In 1878 the school was enlarged by 20 feet. This was probably when it became a church school as ten feet extended onto church land. There were over 120 pupils on roll at this time.


Between 1900 and 1930 the school was almost completely rebuilt and extended to the south.


It was remodelled and again extended to include a kitchen, indoor cloakrooms and another classroom in 1959.


In 1976 further extensions provided two more classrooms, a hall and a new kitchen. Using the existing space at the front of the school a room for the secretary was completed and the staffroom and head's office were refurbished. All this was completed by February 1994. A purpose built mobile was sited in the school grounds in April 1994 for a child care scheme. One mobile classroom was added in August 1997 and another in October 2001.


In September 2004 work began on building a new school on the same site. This was due to be completed in October 2005.


Finally, the new 'eco-friendly' school opened on January 9th 2006.