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Pupil Leadership

House Captains

Every year, eight Year 6 pupils take on the role of being House Captains. Each House has two Captains  who their House members vote for. House Captains are responsible for representing their House and counting up the weekly House Point tokens. 

Year 6 House Captains


Pupil Ambassadors

Pupils take advantage of the many opportunities to develop leadership skills, which prepare them well for their future. 


Year 6 Peer Mediators 

Archie Gracie-May
Charlie  Halle 
Daisy  Molly
Emily  Olivia
Frankie Poppi


Peer mediation is a voluntary process in which a student trained as a neutral third party helps other students in conflict get clear about their concerns, better understand one another, and come to a mutual agreement about how they want to handle their issues.