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At Newborough, we aim to encourage our pupils to wonder about the world around them and to ask deep and enquiring questions about it. In doing this, we hope to engage the children in developing their understanding of science in terms of their respect and knowledge of the living and physical environment. We aim to help the children to think like scientists and to give them the tools they need to investigate and to be equipped with the knowledge required to understand science today and into the future. We use the 'Developing Experts' resources to support our Science teaching - focusing on scientific vocabulary and 'real world' science. 

If you were to walk into a science lesson at Newborough, you would see:

  • Children engaged with their learning
  • Children asking questions
  • An enjoyment of science - particularly practical lessons
  • Collaborative learning
  • Children collecting data and making informed conclusions


      Pupil Quotes:

“Science is important because it helps people understand about the world.”

“Science is great because you find out things you don’t know. If I put things together they might do things. It doesn’t matter if you get messy.”