Our Christian Values

Our Christian Values

Through our faith we are living, learning, loving


Joy is the expression of inner happiness and contentment.  At school we believe that children and adults achieve most through praise and encouragement.  We choose to be positive and encourage children to be content so that they will be a source of joy to others.  We celebrate success with: house points, ‘proud ofs’, celebration assemblies, governor awards, stickers, individual class systems and ‘Acts of Random Kindness’ stickers.


Our school is a place where we feel safe.  We know that there are people with different faiths and beliefs and we not only tolerate those differences, but celebrate them too. Children are encouraged to move around the school in a calm and peaceful way, speaking quietly and in a kind and respectful way.  On the playground we are learning to be peaceful when we play games with our friends.  In our curriculum we take time to remember those who allow us to live in peace.


We care about the people in the school and local community by looking after each other and showing kindness and love.  On the playground we are learning that sharing equipment and games is one way of showing love.  Love is also about friendship and learning to be a good friend.  The children are encouraged to be patient and treat others how they would want to be treated.


Every day is a fresh start. If something went wrong yesterday, today is a chance to start again with a clean slate. We use our ‘Good to be Green’ system to help us do this. If someone upsets or hurts us, we try to follow Christian teachings and forgive them quickly. Because of this, we are honest when we have done something wrong and we take responsibility for our actions.



The Children, Staff and Governors of Newborough School