Our School Vision

The Newborough C of E Primary School Vision

Our vision is to provide every child with the best education in an environment where they are central to all we do.  We will achieve this through seven core principles.

InspireWe will inspire awe and wonder in a creative environment where every child is surrounded and supported by role models that nurture an independent love of learning.

NurtureWe will nurture the abilities and talents of every child, regardless of their starting point.  We want every child to feel happy, valued and loved in an environment where risks are taken without fear of failure.

CelebrateWe will celebrate every child’s achievements across a range of areas that ensure each child knows we care about what they can do.

ChallengeWe will encourage each child to achieve their potential by challenging them, supporting them to be brave, helping them to take risks whilst developing perseverance and resilience when situations seem difficult.

AchieveWe will enable each child to experience academic and personal achievement and understand what it means to be successful. We will contribute to create an outstanding and supportive community where these links provide a wide range of opportunities for our children.

ExcelWe will support every member of staff and every adult as they contribute to the education and well-being of our children.  We will strive to provide rapid academic progress through high expectations and outstanding teaching.  Each child will excel academically, emotionally and socially during their time at Newborough Primary School.

SafeWe will respect everyone’s views, ideas and feelings in a physically and emotionally safe environment where Christian values are upheld.  We make a commitment to not tolerate bullying or prejudice of any kind.