School Prospectus

School Staff

We are fortunate as a school to have a team of highly professional and committed staff, all of whom have a wealth of experience on which they can draw. 
Headteacher Mrs R Marrs
Deputy Headteacher Mrs J Arnold (Music Subject Leader)

Reception Class Teacher Mrs L Blake (English Subject Leader, EYFS and KS1 Team Leader)

Year 1 Class Teacher Mrs K Braid (RE Subject Leader)

Year 2 Class Teacher Mrs M Mugerwa (MFL Subject Leader, PSHE and SEAL Subject Leader)

Year 3 Class Teacher Miss L Driscoll  (Humanities Subject Leader)

Year 4 Class Teacher Mrs E Kapler (DT Subject Leader, Art Subject Leader)

Year 5 Class Teacher Miss C Hosty (PE Subject Leader)

Year 6 Class Teacher Mrs B Rich (Maths Subject Leader, Computing Subject Leader, KS2 Team Leader)

Maths Intervention Teacher Mrs A Houghton  (Science Subject Leader)

English Intervention Teacher Mrs S Richardson

Mrs M Cragg from the Learning Support Agency visits once a week as Special Educational Needs co-ordinator and to work with children with Special Needs.
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs H Ames
Ms M Angharad
Mrs L Bacon
Mrs N Bishop
Mrs L Bowen
Mrs K Gardiner
Mrs T Harrison
Mrs J Howchin
Mrs F Martignetti
Mrs D Ramsey
Mrs L Walker
Mrs L Watts
Office Staff:
Mrs J Crossley
Mrs S Head
Mr R East
Cleaning Staff:
Mrs A Church
Lunchtime Supervisors:
Mrs D Ramsey (Lunchtime Coordinator)
Ms M Angharad
Mrs N Bishop
Miss C Bonfield 
Mrs M Crane
Mrs L Hall
Mrs M Pacey
Mrs M Russell
Kitchen Staff:
Mrs R Hutchins (Cook)