Stibbington Blog - Day 2

Today we got up and had breakfast which was sausages, spaghetti and toast and then we had a bit of free time before going to the classroom to learn about rocks. This the  prepared us for our trip to the quarry where we learnt all about limestobe and how to make soil. We had to act out how the weather helps the soil form. After this it was time to go fossil hunting, but we got SOAKED! The rai  stopped and we were allowex to run down a big hill in thexquarry which was really fun, then it was time to head back for lunch.

We had pizza or sandwiches and yoghurts before learning about impermeable and permeable rocks by testing if water soaks into them or not. We also went in the time tunnel to see how the things have changed from volcanic times and learnt how to make limestone crispy cakes which represented how oolites are produced.

It was then time for dinner - roast chicken, vegetables and gravy. It was delicious! Not forgetting the fruit salad and ice cream. Most of us are really tired due to all the walking we have done today, so it is time for bed.